How to Stop a Cat from Spraying in 7 days

You are a cat parent, and like any other cat parent, you love your kitty. Cats are playful, funny, and lovely. They are the perfect pets. Until you feel they are not. Most cat owners are faced with this common problem: How to Stop a Cat from Spraying.

The white walls of your house get colored. You no longer have clean windows. The furniture is refaced. Your best furry companion has become a four-legged walking ‘room freshener’, but with an awful distinct smell: urine. Your cat is spraying, and he/she does not seem to care about that. You have to spend most of your time cleaning and getting rid of the awful odor. You, however, feel powerless. Making it worse, your family is increasingly concerned that the cat might be very sick and feels the need to see a vet. Sometimes you feel you do not know what to do. No one can deny that they love their cats because they bring joy to the family. Despite that, the problem continues. Continue reading to get a knowledge of how to stop a cat from spraying in 7 days.

Many things make a cat spray or pee outside his/her litter box. One of the reasons could be because of relocating to a new house. Also, a new kitten from the shelter may spray in his/her new home. Sometimes, the cat may have some health problems, or he/she may just be ignoring the litter box.

Regardless of the reason behind the cat’s spraying outside the litter box; it is frustrating for every cat owner whose cat keeps spraying in the house. The only reason we have cats in our house is for the love and affection we have for them. However, having your house smell like a huge litter box is surely a huge price to pay. The cleaning hustle is also very frustrating. But how do you stop a cat from spraying?
Certainly, stopping a sprayer is the most challenging task that cat parents face. If you are in this situation, I know you know that. And the only way to go about successfully changing this behavior is through training.

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‘Cat Spray Stop’ Program

But do not worry anymore. Someone just discovered a solution to all this. A cat vet and cat behaviorist analyst, Susane Westinghouse, has developed a program aimed at making the cats stop spraying and peeing outside the litter box. The book is called ‘Cat Spray Stop.’

The guide is designed for cat owners who face spraying problems from their cats. The book has an easy-to-read and easy-to-implement method that has been proven to stop cats from spraying in a fast and efficient manner. The program is efficient in its work regardless of how independent and stubborn your cat may be. The program has many proven techniques and tactics which help you handle the following

1. Understand the reason behind your cat spraying and pooping in the house – you get a detailed explanation of the possible reasons behind your cat’s behavior. Depth description of how anxiety and stress make your cat pee outside the litter box is also given in this guide.


2. How to eliminate the cat spraying problem–it is important to get a definite answer to this issue because many cat parents worsen the problem when they think they are curing it.

3. Use the cat’s instincts to stop a cat from spraying in your house and peeing in the right place–it is true that cats are creatures of instincts and habits. With this in mind, all you need to do is to take advantage of their nature being in the right way so that they will want to spray or pee in the litter box always. Practicing how to use this makes you have greater power over your cat’s behavior.

4. Using the unique TTS technique to solve the cat spraying problem–The “Stop Spraying-The TTS approach” is a method where the author explains in minute detail each step to be followed to eliminate the problem. TTS is an acronym for taste, touch, and smell, which are the most developed senses in a cat. The TTS method proves that these senses can be effective in stopping and preventing the problem for good.

5. Using natural and herbal remedies to prevent your cat from spraying around the house–we all have the knowledge of how herbs influence our cats as we have witnessed what catnip does. The use of herbal remedies provides a harmless and natural way to impact your cat positively.

The Cat Spray Stop guide is ideal for cat parents who are:

•    Result oriented and able to follow the guide
•    Caring but also cool-headed
•    Save some time to apply this guide
•   Sick and tired of having to clean the windows, furniture, and walls every time their cats decide to unleash the smelly spray.

This guide covers the following topics thoroughly:

•    The misconceptions and myths about kitties
•    The Cats’ psychology
•    The history of humans’ and cat interactions
•    The significance of understanding your cat
•    Reasons behind your cat’s bad behavior
•    Measures to tackle cat’s bad behavior
•    Causes of cat spraying
•    How to eliminate cat spraying
•    Measures to prevent future spraying
•    How to handle other litter problems, like inappropriate urination

How Cat Spray Stop Works

Cat Spray Stop is the ideal solution for handling the cats spraying problems because I have tested it and it worked. I sometimes have my neighbor’s cats come over to my house during the day. He is never home during the day anyway. He has two cats, and I always have them come over to give company to my cat, Kim. I am very busy in the house, so it’s only fair to get some company for him. My cat started spraying outside the litter box on the day when the two cats got into my house. I could not understand it. At first, he reserved himself, and he could not socialize. After a few days, he got comfortable with having other cats in the house, but he did not stop spraying in the house. It was frustrating, and this added work to my busy schedule. I had to clean and clean thoroughly. I bought all kinds of detergents to remove the cat spray odor in my house. One day, as I was lazily browsing through some cat forums, I saw a post about Cat Spray Stop explaining how effective it was. I did not waste any time. I had to get this product. It seemed to work for other cat owners, and I somehow knew it would work for me.

Below is a detailed record of how I went about it.

  • Day 1: Ordering and Reading: I ordered a Cat Spray Stop online, and they immediately sent me the program through my email.  The whole book is accessible online, and it has several bonuses. As I read the material, I quickly realized that Kim suffered from the anxiety caused by my neighbor’s cat.
  • Day 2: Implementing the strategy–One sure thing I can tell you is that reading and understanding the book in one day was not easy. But to me it was necessary. I needed to implement the strategies in the book as fast as possible. My place had turned to be a nasty place filled with bad odor. The program was easy to implement, and I had to wait for the results.
  • Day 4: I woke up and tried to search for the awful smell and tell-tall wetness around the house, but there was none. I could not believe it. It was a clean and happy home again.
  • Day 6: Little adjustments–Kim sprayed again in my kitchen. I quickly introduced the TTS technique which aimed at discouraging him from doing that again. Amazingly, it worked instantly. I always have my neighbor’s cats on weekdays. All three cats stay in the house peacefully. The spraying stopped for good, and I am assured that the behavior will never occur again. But if it happens, I exactly know what to do.

Who benefits from this program?

This guide is designed to help every cat owner whose cat exhibits spraying and bad litter behaviors. The reason behind its creation is really simple: problem-solving, where you first need to understand the cause- therefore a problem stated is a problem half-solved.

By first understanding the problem, then offering an explanation of its causes, the custom-tailored solutions are a sure way to fix the smelly spraying smell disaster in no time. The guide is thorough and also easy to read, and it is the perfect solution for any cat parent who faces a problem with cat spraying. Many cat parents get frustrations when trying to solve this issue. For a quick reminder, it is helpful for you to know that you are not alone. Just imagine how restful you will be without keeping up with cleaning your house always. Just think about that.

You can overcome the hurdle quickly by hitting the order button and owning your copy of Cat Spray Stop immediately.

The Best Thing about the Guide

No more spraying, no more worries, no more stress. Wouldn’t you like that?

Getting your cat to stop spraying will increasingly improve your relationship and bond, and the good news is there is no need for you to neuter your feline companion. Baby Sleep Miracle will be of great help in preventing and stopping the mess without stress. Besides, investing in this guide provides a long-term solution to your cat’s spraying behavior while also focusing on strengthening and nurturing your relationship, hence making its cost a real steal.

Providing extensive information in a fascinating mix of support, guidance, and effective methods, Susane Westinghouse’s program is featured by easy-to-use. It has several effective tactics that make the process way easier for you and your feline friend. Cat Spray Stop has a 60-day guarantee where you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the program. Cats are animals anyway, not machines, so under some circumstances, they can refuse to work. You do not have to worry because you will get a full refund.

You should not spend another buck or day in futile yet very pricey attempts to stop your cat’s spraying. The answer to your problem is right here. The writer covers all the topics that you need to curb the problem for good.

Though, while the book has all the valuable concepts and strategies, you need to know to stop cat spraying, it will not be effective if you are unwilling to invest some time to read and understand it carefully, and then keenly follow the entire process to solve the problem. I know you are tired of your cat ‘redecorating’ your house. The guide helped me a lot, and I am sure it will help you also.

Pros of the ‘Cat Spray Stop.’

  • It is easy to implement, for it has several useful tips to follow. It is ideal for every cat owner who enjoys lots of effective tips and thorough explanations. The program covers every single detail you need to know so that you can successfully stop your kitty from spraying.
  • It has great value for your money. When compared to other cat litter training programs, which mostly cost around $100 and more, this guide is available at a very pocket-friendly price. With only a one-time payment, you will get unlimited access to the valuable content in the book.
  • It has a 60-day money guarantee just in case you are not satisfied. You are guaranteed a full refund if the Cat Spray Stop program does not work for you. Susane Westinghouse is so self-assured with her guide that she is ready to give you a full money refund if you find that the Cat Spray Stop program is not helpful to you. But I doubt it will get to this with all the valuable information the guide contains.

Cons of the ‘Cat Spray Stop.’

  • You are needed to invest some time for the guide to work.  You should know that if you cannot get the time and commitment to read and follow this program, then it will not work for you. It is very effective if you also take part in it and follow each and every instruction given.
  • The guide is only available digitally. The program is available online, and it is sent to your email. If you are a person who prefers reading a hard copy to a digital copy, you will need to print the program.
  • The guide is currently only available in English and Spanish.


Cat Spray Stop helped me big time. I know some cat owners have the same problem and they are the main reason behind this article. You can now have more than one cat in your house and stop them from ever spraying outside their litter boxes. If you get a new cat, you will know exactly how to handle any litter or spraying problems. I can assure you that by getting the product today, your life will change from stressful to restful, and at the same time, your windows, walls, and room will stay clean.

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