Cat Grooming Guide-Essential for Cat Parents

Cat grooming is important to maintain the cat’s cleanliness and keep it in the best health. Making a habit of grooming your cat regularly will ensure that your cat won’t be sick easily.

Full cat grooming includes bathing the cat, combing the cat’s hair, cutting its nails, brushing its teeth, and cleaning the cat’s ears and eyes. However, you do not need to do all of them in one session. Instead, keep the party sessions short and frequent, so that your cat can get used to all the cat grooming sessions, and also it won’t be so nervous while going through one of them.

Cat Grooming Tips

Grooming Tip 1: Bathing

One of the most important aspects of cat grooming comprises bathing the cat. Make your cat sit in the tub, with a foot stuck on the side, and put cotton balls in its ears. Now, wet your cat with warm water and shampoo applied on his entire body, and avoid the face. Rinse with warm water and shampoo it again. After the second rinse, rub the conditioner through the cat’s hair. Let it go for one minute and rinse completely.

Make sure that after shampooing and bathing, you rinse the rest shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Now, by using your hands, squeeze the water from your cat’s hair and then wrapped the cat in a towel. Pat with a towel and remove the cotton balls from its ears. Putting your blow-dryer on a cool setting, use it to dry your cat’s hair.

After the humidity has gone, comb your cat’s hair.

Cat Grooming Tip 2: Combing and Brushing

Brush your cat regularly, especially if it has long hair. This will prevent the existence of matted hair and hairball. While brushing your cat’s hair, follow the direction of your cat’s coat or hair, because if it’s going in the wrong direction, it may irritate the cat’s skin. If you haven’t done the cat’s hair brushing for a long time and the hair becomes tangled, it is advisable to cut your cat’s hair in prone areas. You may change the comb with the wide-toothed comb to be used to your tangled cat’s hair.

Grooming Tip 3: Trimming Nails

You should cut your cat’s nails or claws regularly. Besides preventing scratched furniture and curtains, this will also help the catwalk more easily. Start trimming your cat’s nails at an early age, so it gets used to the habit. While cutting the nails, press the pad under its foot. It makes the nails out. Always cut the tip of the nail only and stay away from the pink veins. It is sensitive and will hurt the cat if you cut the pink tissue.

Cat Grooming Tip  4: Brushing Teeth

Regularly brushing the cat’s teeth is a very important part of overall cat grooming. To clean your cat’s teeth, take a wet cloth and dip it in salt and baking soda. Rub the cloth on its teeth. Be sure to be gently rubbed, so that you won’t hurt your cat. This will help to clean your cat’s gums and mouth and ensure that it remains healthy.

Grooming Tip 5: Cleaning Eyes

Just like the other body parts of your cat, you need to clean the cat’s eye as well. For that, you need to dissolve 1/8 teaspoon salt (sodium chloride or sea salt) in ½ cup of boiled water. Now, let the water down to room temperature and then store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. After being kept for at least one week, use it to clean your cat’s eye. Heat the water until warm, and use dip cotton balls to wipe around the eyes’ area.

Cat Grooming Tip 6: Cleaning Ears

Cleaning your cat’s ear is also an important part of the overall treatment of cat grooming. Once you have given a bath to your cat, use a clean cotton ball to remove dirt from the ear. Fold the ear and then wipe with a soft cotton ball, clean the folds as well. In case you find hard dirt on the ears, foul-smelling or more, consult it with your cat’s veterinarian.

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