The Siamese Cat is a Delight to Behold-Unique

The Siamese cat is the most popular Shorthair breed in the world today. It has come a long way from the ancient city of Siam (now Thailand) to Britain & finally to America (this happened in the 18th century). These elegant cats were recognized for their blue blood right from their first days when they were kept as companions for the Siamese royalty.

The Siamese are notable for their large, beautifully shaped, and baby blue eyes. These are the major reason that the cat enjoys adulation and admiration. The hauntingly endearing eyes have been an inspiration for many a writer and poets.

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The Siamese cat is also renowned for its point-restricted coat pattern. Its body is of a light shade, while its face, tail, paws, and ears (the points) have dark hues. This occurs because of a pigmentation problem that the Siamese have been facing for centuries. Whereby the amount of pigment in the body is less than that contained in the points.

One can register a Siamese cat can into The Cat Fanciers Association only if it is in the colors of seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. The CFA does not recognize any other color, for instance, red point, cream point, cinnamon point, fawn point, tortie point, lynx point, and tortie lynx point. However, many other organizations recognize Siamese cats.

Based on the length of their fur, the Siamese cats are classified into separate variations. The shorthair cat is the ‘original Siamese’. Balinese is another name for the Longhaired breeds. There is a third name given to the Balinese cats who come in colors other than the CFA-approved ones; those cats are then called Javanese. However, the Javanese is recognized as an extended version of the Balinese by all other organizations.

The classic Siamese is an elegant creature with a long, slender body, sharp-pointed ears, and a finely tapered tail. The traditional Siamese, sometimes called the ‘Apple head because of its rounded face, ‘ are more full-bodied and muscular, with rounded ears. It is the svelte variety of Siamese that usually draws all the attention and all the first-location ribbons!

The Siamese is an extremely social cat, with enhanced attention-seeking needs and an unnaturally loud and rasping voice. It is a highly intelligent creature that craves affection and activity. It cannot be left alone for too long. When treated well, the Siamese make great faithful companions.

Characteristics and History of Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats originated in a country called Siam, now the country called Thailand. In the late 800s, the cat breed was first brought officially from Thailand. Indeed, many famous cats came from Asia countries as well.

Siamese Cats, which first appeared in England, were a gift to the ambassador of England at that time. Then, in the early 20th century, the cats were bred in the 19th century and appeared in various contests cats in the UK. As had been predicted, the Siamese cats have become popular in the UK and then Europe.

Appearance Characteristics of Siamese Cats

  1. Siamese cats have slender and graceful body shapes.
  2. Siamese cats have hair coat colors that contrast at the ends of the body, such as legs, tails, ears, mouth, nose, and eyes (called colorpoint).
  3. At first, the Siamese cat’s coat color is known as Seal Point. Along with the emerged development of new breeding, hair or fur colors such as lilac point, chocolate point, caramel point, blue point, cinnamon point, red point, fawn point, tortie point, cream point, and tabby point are found.
  4. Their fur or hair is short, therefore it doesn’t require so much care, because the hair never is woolly.
  5. Siamese cats’ heads are relatively small, triangular-shaped with a pointed snout.
  6. Their beautiful blue eyes are adorned with wide ears.
  7. Their body shape is long, slender, and muscular, which is packed with short and smooth hair.

Behavioral Characteristics of Siamese Cats

  1. The nature of Siamese cats is always curious and hyperactive.
  2. Siamese and oriental cats are very close to humans, wherever you go he will be faithful and pleased to accompany you, such as when you are in the kitchen, reading newspapers or watching tv, or traveling by car. There’s even a Siamese cat that enjoys swimming.
  3. Siamese cats are very active to help your habits, like showing your newspaper or a letter came.
  4. These cats always try to speak with their owners by showing their voice or body language. Their voice differs from other cats, and they don’t meow and are more like-sounding.
  5. Sometimes, they are also annoying because they are too noisy.
  6. Siamese cats don’t easily get diseases, with a long nose structure these cats are rarely exposed to cold, and with short hair, they are less susceptible to fungus.

Feed your Siamese cats regularly, either canned or dry food. Two times a day or as much as they need it. Siamese cats almost never drink milk; thus, you should always provide a bowl of clean water for them.

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