When your cat wants a place to rest and play, a cat tree is the best option. Do you ever wonder where to put a cat tree? Cats enjoy climbing up to high areas; it helps them to feel safe, comfortable, and responsible for their environment. A cat tree gives your feline companion a place to scratch, hide, climb, and lounge.

If you have a cat tree or are planning to buy one but you do not know where to put a cat tree in your house, continue reading to get some great ideas. In case you have over one cat, it would be thoughtful to place cat trees in over one place discussed below.

Best Places Where to Put Cat Tree

1. Laundry room

Give your kitty a spot to stay hidden from high-traffic places by putting the cat tree in the laundry room. A lot of visitors do not see laundry rooms, so if your cat loves his/her privacy, he/she will enjoy having her cat tree there. The dryer also makes the area comfortably warm, something that cats love whenever they take a nap.

2. Bedroom

If your bedroom is spacious, why don’t you share it with your feline friend? One of your bedroom’s corners is the right spot where to put a cat tree. You‘re going to increase your cat’s chances of spending the night sleeping in your room instead of pawing at your door or putting his/her hair all over your bed.

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3. Bathroom

In bathrooms, cat trees can fit well, especially if it is in the same bathroom where you keep the litter box for your cat. By putting a cat tree next to the litter box, you’ll build your cat’s own personal space. Make sure your fur friend has an unobstructed view from the spot; if there are no windows in the bathroom, it might not be the best location.

4. Living room

If your cat is social, he/she might enjoy having a cat tree positioned in the living room. The advantage of having a cat tree in place in your living room is that you can keep a close eye on your cat during the day when he/she could get into mischief elsewhere. You can even sit on the sofa and watch him/her play, and this could be very entertaining for any cat parent.