Urine Remover- Choosing the Best

Find your cats’ best urine remover.

As cat lovers or owners, we may agree that cats are the most adorable pets on this planet. However, like it or not, we must deal with their urine every day. You may say that removing cats’ urine is easy, but completely removing the odor is hard. Therefore, you need an effective urine remover.

How to Remove Cat’s Urine Effectively

The cats’ urine has a bad distinctive odor because it contains some organic materials such as urochrome, urea, and uric acid. These materials have distinctive effects. While the urochrome gives a color effect, the urea makes the urine sticky. On the other hand, uric acid makes a stench. Therefore, cat urine is thoughtful stuff if your cats urinate around the house in improper places such as on carpets or furniture. You need the best and most suitable urine remover for your distinctive case at the house.

You can remove cat urine with car shampoo for the carpets because it will dismiss the stain and odor and soften the carpet condition like new. This detergent somehow can work and give the three advantages at the same time. If you want a more effective urine remover, you can add enzyme-based cleaning products. It can break down the crystal of the cat’s urine.

You may have experienced that cleaning and removing a wet and fresh stain is easier than old stains that have dried up. This can be another obstacle. You still need a few techniques in using urine remover, which can eliminate stains and odors. You need to locate the urine first before removing it. Then, use a paper towel or other absorbent clothes to blot the stain. If you rub the urine, it will only make it spread more, therefore, avoid rubbing. Make enough push on the cloth to the top of the stain to make it more absorbable. Wash the clothes with warm water and blot them again on the stain for about 20-40 seconds. After that, you may use enzymatic urine remover.

The enzyme-based urine remover can be also applied to the floor. It will neutralize the bacteria feeds, urine odor, and the elements that cause the odor on the floor. Get it in your nearest janitorial stores since it is rarely sold in pet stores. The urine remover will break down the protein in the urine and target the odor.

Another piece of advice about urine remover is that you can apply your usual kitchen products. These could include detergent for dishes, baking soda, three percent of hydrogen peroxide, or white vinegar. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the remover which contains ammonia. This is because it has a similar odor to the urine itself.

Whatever products of urine remover that you choose, make sure it is well tested and tried. Prepare in advance before the stain soaks.