Choosing and Making a Good Cat Condo

Your cats as feline friends are sometimes finicky and they like privacy. Sometimes they need to be stroked and cuddled, but then they don’t want to do anything with you. When they need privacy, you can let them do interesting activities by themselves inside your home. Providing a cat condo for them is a great idea.

A cat condo can be both fun and comforting piece of furniture for your cats. Your cats will love their cat condo.

cat condo is a mix between scratching posts, cat trees, cat towers, and a cat bed. It’s essential cat furniture that can make your lovely cats feel like a part of the family. The cat condo can be easily placed in any space in the house. Also, you can locate it permanently in a place your cats like to play.

Rather than purchasing the condo, you may try to build it if you feel handy enough. You can do this with a few tools and can access some materials. You can ask one handyperson also to help you with this task. Collect some materials with him like rough-hewn table legs or thick dowels, carpet remnants, and plywood, also tools that help such as a saw to cut the pieces to fit, a box cutter knife, and screws to fasten the bits. To fix the carpet, you can use nails, a staple gun, or heavy-duty staples.

Then you need to sketch a blueprint of the cat condo. Think about how you can personalize this furniture for your feline friends. First, select a color or pattern you think they like, whether it is bright, and whether there should be any printed pattern. Once you decide about the condo furniture part, let your handyman construct the units to help you. You can further soften the design with a comfortable cushion such as a sleeping area and manage to affix the carpet by yourself.

You may need to entice your cats into the enclosure by adding a few toys, such as a little catnip or a saucer of food. Hang them at the highest place of the cat condo, or at least place them in the vicinity. These are the kinds of additional equipment that can personalize your cat condo and keep your cats from using and loving it.

Another additional thing to your cat condo is the scratching areas. Cover the area with a sisal rope or carpet. But sisal rope is better since it doesn’t have loops and is more durable. This scratching area will help you also to save your furniture from being scratched.

Your cats will so much appreciate your cat condo and it is durable that your cat keep it used until many generations of your cats. It will also look good in your house with a great modern design, or you can also make it as a little castle or fantasy look made from plastic, steel, wood, or cardboard.