Cat General Issues

general cat issues

You took a small creature into the house. This is not a cute fluffy toy, but a lively cat child, requiring a lot of attention, care, and love, however, like all the kids. He may be sad, lonely, or scared on the first day in a new place. He will cry, he won’t immediately understand where his toilet is, and he will look for his mother and siblings. Try to give him more attention on these first difficult days. Do not scold, often talk with him, caress. A kitten remembers its name almost immediately. The main thing is to call it all the time with one nickname and at first connect it with feeding, caress, and other pleasant moments. Try not to allow small children to the kitten that could cause him accidental harm, you should not let him drag him in his arms too much, squeeze–cats from birth love freedom and independence, they never put up with the situation of a living toy and can become dangerous, like any predator, even a small one. Relationships with a cat from the very first days should be built primarily on mutual respect, remember that these animals value their independence and dignity very much, are proud, noble, and fair, do not tolerate violence, orders, and rudeness, and are perfectly appreciate their kind and respectful attitude and give your love a hundredfold.

Remember, once and for all: you can not shout at a kitten and an adult cat, you can not beat and scare. The animals do not understand human words, and no matter how much you say to your pet that you can’t write here, you can’t bite him, but you can’t go in there, he will never understand you, and if you reprimand him even with elevated tones, he’ll be scared, harboring fear and distrust. The most common conflicts with a cat or cat arise in the toilet issue. Cats are spotless and require the same from their owners. The cat’s toilet should always be washed or it should have a clean filler. Most often, kittens already know how to go to a certain place. They learn this from their mother, and the new owners only need to show where the toilet is.

Do not be alarmed at the first “misses” past the cuvette–the kitten is too busy exploring the new world. It may get lost, get lost, and forget where the toilet is. In no case do you need to grab him by the scruff of his neck, poke his nose into a puddle or a heap and drag him into the toilet with formidable screams: the kitten will understand nothing, it will only get scared, and it may not connect its fear with the puddle on the floor, namely with the toilet where they poked him so rudely. Dip a piece of paper in a puddle, put it in a cat’s toilet, and put a kitten there. He will guess everything. The main thing is to do everything calmly, without screaming and anger. Often cats express their dissatisfaction with the behavior of the owner by a sudden refusal to go to the toilet and begin to do their business anywhere, in the most unexpected and outrageous places. The owner should first of all sort out himself–does he offend the cat, does he monitor the cleanliness of the toilet, etc? Often, a kitten, and an adult cat, cannot be washed: the protective fat layer is washed off from the hairs, the hair deteriorates, Yes, and there is a risk of catching a cold. It is necessary to wash it in case of an emergency if the kitten is very dirty or has run into the street.

Even if the kitten does not go outside, it can catch fleas and ear mites that “come” to our apartments on shoes, dog paws, etc. After treatment with suitable products, just in case the kitten needs to drive off worms. For prophylaxis, the animal needs to be given anthelmintic twice a year, in spring and autumn. If the catwalks freely, it is better for her to get the vaccinations in the veterinary clinic and wear an anti-flea collar. The collar will at the same time show that the cat is domestic and not homeless, and will protect it from the troubles associated not only with fleas.

Tips of How to Create Cat Bond

In any relationship, a bond or you can say a link or connection is the most important factor. So, as cat owners, you may need and want to have a better bond with your cat and vice versa. In making bonds with cats, you have to know the following easy tips which can surely change the quality of your relationship with your cats. It will be well improved. An electrifying and happy relationship with both of you will be created.

You and Your Cat’s Playtime

A regular playtime between you and your cat should be created and maintained. Regular playtime will give you lots of benefits, such as;

  • Develop your cat’s personality.
  • Solve your cat’s behavioral problem.
  • Help your cat to calm down and soothe its stress.
  • Help your cat to stay healthy, because playing is some kind of sport for the cat.
  • Decrease your cat’s aggression problems while building trust with your cat.
  • Creates an unbreakable bond with a cat.

You don’t have to buy expensive toys for playing with your cat. As you know, the cat will even tear or destroy any toys within a few hours. To save the expenses, you can make toys on your own from unused things that you can find in your house. Playing for a cat is hunting for something’s attractiveness. It means you have to make the toy as if they were prey.

You can take a rope as a toy. Starts slowly sliding the rope here and there in front of your cat when it’s relaxing. Give a sudden move as if the rope is scared when your cat tries to catch it. Sometimes also make the rope hide at something and slide it again slowly. The key to playing with your cat is making the toy seem alive; your cat will have fun. While you don’t make it easy for your cat to catch the toy, sometimes let him hold or bite it for a while to make your cat feel the achievement. Change the other things like a toy as much as you can find at home for the next playing time. It can be a ping-pong ball too.

Talking to Your Cat

You don’t have to feel weird and silly by talking to your cat, because most cat owners do this. It is better to talk to your cat in a soft voice. Act like you are answering as well when it’s meowing. Talking to your cat will help it understand your feelings based on your tone of voice. Even you can sing to your cat to make them feel happy as you do. This habit will help to create a cat bond. It will be easier for you to communicate with your cat when you really know what the cat is saying. The Cat Language Guide will help you learn the cat language, hence the communication with your cat will be improved.

Giving Cat Massage

As touch is a powerful sense, massaging your cat will help to create a strong bond as well. You should massage your cat when it’s in a relaxed mood. Some areas of your cat’s body are good to be massaged.

  • Right behind the ears.
  • Under the chin.
  • Bottom of the cheeks.
  • Shoulder blades back right (at the base of the tail).

Give Your Cat ‘Self Time’

Your cat won’t like overstimulation. They also can get bored. When your cat shows signs of irritation, you are better off leaving him alone. A cat is an independent animal. You don’t need to feel worried when it seems to avoid you sometimes. Just believe that it will come back to you when he knows you respect its own time. This will also create your bond with the cat.

Giving Yummy Cat Treats

Give your cat yummy cat treats whenever it shows good behavior, such as when it urinates in the proper place that you provide. Cat treats are available in any pet store, or you can make them by yourself by knowing the cat treat recipes. Please don’t make it too often in giving cat treats as it may affect your cat’s health. You may know when the treat is good to be given. Your cat will give more love to you and it will create and maintain a strong cat bond with you.

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