Cat Age Converter

Surely, you’ve wondered how long a cat can live. You have also wondered about the cat’s age. If our cat is a human, how old is it now? A cat age converter is crucial because it helps you understand the relationship between the cat’s age and the human’s age.

Average Cat Age

Most cats can reach the age of 11-12 years. Cats who live inside the house (indoor cats) usually live longer than cats that live outdoors (outdoor cats).

Indoor cats can reach the age of 16 years, some even reaching 20 years. The average outdoor cat’s maximum age is 8 years old.

There are some cat owners and cat lovers who asked, “What is the average cat age of feral and stray cats?” Actually, there has never been research on the life of feral and stray cats. But based on cursory observation, it looks like the cats have an average age of 4-6 years.

Cats that feed at home but still hang around outside the home have an average cat age much longer than feral and stray cats. In terms of nutrition and cleanliness of their food, it’s better than feral and stray cats. Let’s now learn about cat age converter.

Cat Ages in Human Years

There are at least some versions of the comparative age of cats with the age of humans, namely:

  1. 1-year-old cat = 6 years of age humans. So when the cat is 7 years old, he is the same age as  42 years old human.
  2. For the cat’s first year, the equivalent of the human age is 15 years. The next year, a 1-year-old cat is equivalent to 4 years old human. So if your cat 7 years old, he is equivalent to 39 years old human (15 + (6 x 4) = 15+24 = 39 years).
  3. There is also the opinion that the cat’s first year is equivalent to 20 years of human age. The next year, 1 year of a cat is equivalent to 4 years of human life. So if your cat is 7 years old, he has the human equivalent of age 20 + (6 x 4) = 20 + 24 = 44 years old.

Among differences of opinion for cat age converter, you can use the following ways to convert your cat’s age to a human’s age;

  1. For the first year of your cat’s life, allow 15 human years.
  2. Then add nine years for the second year of your cat. A two-year-old cat is equivalent to 24 years old human.
  3. Then add 4 human years each for successive years of your cat’s life.

This method is utilized for the averages only. This is because some purebred cats like Maine Coons, their maturity goes much slower and doesn’t reach full development for 3 or 4 years. Cats’ age relates to cat care, cat exercise, and cat diet like humans as well.

You can also refer to the following chart as a cat age converter easily;

Cats Age Conversion Chart

Cat Age (Years)Human Age (Years)

No matter how old your cat is, the important thing is you should give the best nutrition, regular vaccinationscare, and affection that you can give to your cat.

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